Network Healing Circle

Network Healing Circle

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Create a network circle of 5-20 people, and pledge to give $50-100 each.  Your network circle alone could cover the initial 3-5 sessions of two individuals. In turn, your network circle will receive an ancestral healing workshop from Melissa Taylor.

Ancestral memory 

 This workshop is for health professionals and/ or community members to support their work with marginalized communities, and to raise consciousness of intergenerational trauma, being actively anti-oppressive while working with diverse clients, and meeting these clients with awareness of ancestral memory and trauma, with the aims of using this to inform and support clients’ treatment and healing. 

 Learning objectives:


  • What is ancestral memory & why it is important for your practice?
  • How trauma lives in the body?
  • Signs and symptoms
  • What questions should you be asking? 
  • Grounding tools to promote safety in the here and now