Black Healing: Rediscovering My Ancestral Joy Journal Prompt

Black Healing: Rediscovering My Ancestral Joy Journal Prompt

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Black healing is a love letter. A love letter from our ancestors. A letter of hope and aliveness in  a time of Black death and anti-Black racism trauma.  It is the beginning of many beginnings, and needs no ending to be complete. Let our Black healing be about curiosity; taking healthy risks; and daydreaming. Let us imagine a world in  which we feel safe in our body, and feel connected in our communities.

I hope the following journal prompts and meditations facilitate your healing process. If you are not able to respond to the statements, pause, and move on to the next statement. Learning to imagine your life differently might feel quite scary. Old systematic ways of living can become quite habitual, so you might need time to process the statements, and make sense of them.  Black folx are often conditioned to view themselves through the eyes of their oppressor, so it might be difficult to think of yourself outside of the capitalist construct of race. The journal prompts are not designed to take the place of therapy, and can be used in conjunction with therapy; with community; or alone. 


Melissa Taylor and our ancestors