Melissa Taylor is social worker, therapist, and trainer with more than than 15 years in the non-profit sector. She is passionate about anti-oppressive practices & intergenerational trauma.

​Melissa's  focus is racialized trauma, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, sexual assault, ancestral trauma, and self-compassion. Her theoretical framework is critical race; Black Feminism; and anti-oppressive theory.

Her motivation to provide accessible therapy is deeply entrenched her personal and professional experiences. She believes we can all care for each other by re-learning how to apply principals of community care. Community care recognizes we are all implicit in the acts of oppression, and have responsibility to move towards atonement & reparations to make this world better than we inherited. Providing accessible therapy is a small step towards providing atonement, yet an important movement towards inner soul work.


Melissa & our ancestors (Black Liberation is interconnected)